Design Process

Design Process

Time Lasting Craftsmanship is a business built on taking Craftsmanship to a new level of excellence.

Design:  The essence of Design is realized when insight & inspiration evolve as expressed Craftsmanship.

TLC’s Design process is one of 3 steps, … Consult – Design & Create.

Consultation: Discussion & agreement between relevant parties which includes all factors, components & considerations which ultimately affect the design & its desired end result. Inevitably, discussions link with design considerations such as period style (pure or integrated), materials, colours & finish.

Design: The design process can vary in its genesis.  Whether from musings, inspirations, conversations or very purposeful & directed parameters, eventually all conversation must channel into deliberate pathways of achieving the desired end result.

Create: Once the design is on paper, the Roadmap of Measurements & Details Culminates with the intellectual & emotional sense of the design to dovetail with the creativity & attention to detail required to craft pieces of Time Lasting Craftsmanship.  With our focus on Excellence, we simply give each & every piece the TLC it deserves to achieve that goal.

“Built by hand – Excellence” is what Time Lasting Craftsmanship & Design stands for.