Consultation: Discussion & agreement between relevant parties which includes all factors, components & considerations which ultimately affect the design & its desired end result. Inevitably, discussions link with design considerations such as period style (pure or integrated), materials, colours & finish.

Design: The design process can vary in its genesis. Whether from musings, inspirations, conversations or very purposeful & directed parameters, eventually all conversation must channel into deliberate pathways of achieving the desired end result.

Management & Supervision: TLC offers degrees of management dependant upon the requirements of the project.

Under normal circumstances all trades required to coordinate with TLC Design are engaged by a General Contractor who oversees the entire project. Given TLC’s building background we sometimes undertake the organizing of engaging relevant trades required to complete smaller projects.

Installation: TLC Design takes full responsibility for the installation of product we produce. Regardless of whether we are coordinating other relevant trades required to integrate with our product or not, TLC always undertakes dialogue with trades & their required specifications that relate to the correct functioning of the finished product.

Shipping & Delivery: TLC protects finished product prior to shipping. The delivery is always organized & Insured. Once finished product is installed it is protected until its exposure is secure/safe to do so.